The Cat Café 5

From Personal Pet to Public.

Colorado is rich in a great many things. Having only been exposed to the area for three months now, I am already beginning to see where the different ideals, hobbies and interests of the natives fit in. Locals adore their cultivated food, music, nature and those jagged mountain summits that greet the sunrise every morning. Regardless, it is apparent that the people here love their outdoor activities. They are enamored with what interests them —– and boy are they dog lovers.

Admittance of being a cat lover here may result in piercing stares and even scoffing comments within certain circles. You’ve been warned.

Sana Hamelin, owner of Denver Cat Company, has sought unto herself to bring resolution to the age-old question: cats or dogs?

At the cat café, opened in December of 2014, the question is not one of cats or dogs, but rather one that draws from our hearts the love for animals in general. This theme is concurrent in mostly everyone, so why not combine two of the loves that people have out here? Hamelin has successfully accomplished this with the cat café, where people from all walks of life can come in for a piping mug of tea or coffee, curl up on one of the couches with their favorite books or friends and play with any of the multiple affectionate felines under her foster care. Although many people around the world believe that cats can have wavering attitudes, Hamelin negates this by working directly with rescue groups who provide her with healthy animals that would fit in with a multitude of environs: namely a public café-type setting as well as a home setting.

“We foster cats who would do well in our environment — they are outgoing or social, they like people, they don’t like being in a cage and they do well with other cats,” Hamelin says.

The cat café is not by any means inviting to only one type of person. All are welcome to enjoy the company of our furry friends, and who doesn’t love a coffee or pastry break (or both) during that hectic midweek grind? According to Hamelin, everyone does.

“… A respite for the lonely traveler, a refuge for someone wanting to give and receive love from friendly animals and a place for people to find their best friend. [It is] a community space that adds something joyful to the equation.”

Hamelin made her future goals clear. The concept continues to grow exponentially due both to her creative mind and the donations she has received thus far. The café is ready to take the next step and leave its doors open to the Denver nightlife. Hamelin will be hosting wine nights where locals can relax over a glass of Pinot and play with the fostered cats. Her following idea, once fully conceptualized, is to open a fully realized cat bar.