Man's Best Friend 3

My whole life I have grown up with dogs. So, it only made sense when I moved out of my parent’s house at 18, I would get my own pup. Despite the stress of leaving the nest and being out in the real world for the first time, my first move as an independent woman was to get myself a furry best friend. That’s when I got the cutest black lab puppy I had ever seen and named her, Mimi Zephyr Labinel. Shortly after I got my little man, Ziix the pug. It’s fun reminiscing how many experiences we have been through together. College stories, to graduating, moving twice and now here we are in Denver. Happy and enjoying every day we get to share together.

One of our favorite weekend summer activities is hiking. Which is why we’re featuring dog-friendly hikes in some cooler (literally and figuratively) high elevation towns. And don’t miss our favorite modern pup picks for your dog and home. Since it’s the pet-themed issue, we couldn’t start a cat vs. dogs battle royale, so we showed a little love to our feline friends, too. Check out our interview with the Denver Cat Company’s Founder Sana Hamelin.

Enjoy the rest of your summer with your family, friends and fur-babies.