Add Sizzle to Your Summer Workout

Where and how to cross train for some of the season’s best outdoor activities.


Noted as one of the premier athletic clubs around, Colorado Athletic Club (CAC) offers a full-service athletic club, tucked inside a country club atmosphere, with impeccable customer service. With spacious cardio and weigh rooms, plus fitness class offerings at all hours of the day, all eight of CAC’s locations offer an assortment of ways to get fit, including the assistance of personal trainers.

“All the CAC clubs have excellent facilities, but my advice to members is when the weather is nice, step out of your indoor routine and try an outdoor workout,” says longtime Outdoor Fitness Coordinator for Colorado Athletic Club’s DTC location John Gillingham. His program at the Club includes day hikes, snowshoeing and outdoor sports conditioning training at George Wallace Park and Red Rocks.

Looking to heat up your summer training? Consider focusing on one of these three summertime physical activities and use CAC to cross train:

  • General health and fitness
  • Hiking (fourteener, anyone?)
  • Road and mountain biking



  • Get a check-up from your doctor first!
  • Start easy and then slowly increase your intensity.
  • Think squats and lunges for lower body and resistant bands for upper.


  • Cardio workout is best. Try hitting the treadmill (30 min.) to control speed and incline.
  • Do pushups for upper body
  • Slow squats and lunges for lower


  • Similar to hiking, but more about endurance. Longer treadmill times.
  • Get your heart rate up! Huffing + puffing = good.
  • Increase your incline for more resistance. Strenuous is vital.

His advice: “Be consistent once you start to train. Work on cardio, this includes aerobics as well as anaerobic.”