Timeless Working Spaces 8

Blending Aesthetics 
and Functionality

A kitchen needs to be many things. It needs to be a functional space where you can easily cook and work, but it should also be inviting; a comfortable space that people can enjoy spending time in. In the case of this kitchen remodel on 7th Avenue in the Historic District of Cherry Creek, Thurston Kitchen and Bath Designer Tamar Chang, has created a timeless space that both pays homage to its historic roots and facilitates the needs of a modern kitchen.

The goal for this kitchen remodel was to simultaneously match the space to the historic grandeur of the rest of the house, and to make it a more functional working space. This home is 100 years old and required a unique and creative mixture of keeping some of the kitchen’s signature historic elements and updating other features to not only keep, but enhance both the kitchen and the house’s character and style.

Natural Elements

Wood floors were put in the kitchen to match with the rest of the house along with white painted wood and glass cabinetry. These white cabinets give the kitchen an airy and light feel. With granite countertops and white marble backsplash, these elements of the kitchen are quiet and work well together with some of the space’s more unique features.

The Little Details

Unique features in the kitchen include a handmade glass mosaic sink and the room’s big, oversized crown molding. Modern and personalized details, such as the felt-lined drawers to protect silverware and some of the other pullouts with various purposes work with these historic elements to create a sense of calm productivity. According to Chang, it’s when all of these elements work well together that a kitchen can come together as a whole and singular space.

Chang says that this blend of the historic, traditional, and contemporary, is a very popular trend in the market at the moment.

“It’s really an everything goes kind of market right now,” says Chang. “There is a lot of mixing of so many different styles and such a blend of the old and the new.”

It’s when a space such as this particular remodeled kitchen can be designed and executed to seamlessly combine all of these elements that a comfortable, efficient and beautiful space can come to life.