A Few Of My Favorite Things

Who: Jack TerHar

What: Owner of Sill-TerHar Motors

Where: 150 Alter Street, 
Broomfield, STHMotors.com

Ebay floor lamp from China – it’s a sculptural light.

Angelus wine from Bordeaux – Lick my lips and smile.

Mascarello Barolo – W-O-W.

Dale Chihuly glass artist – Things of beauty make me stop, look and realize I have appreciation and no talent.

Durand wine key – Old, long and soft corks all removed providing cork free wine.

Isaia suits from Andrisen Morton – The Fabrics are edgy and just feel good.

Eyeglasses from Wink! – If you have to wear them, dare to step out.

Zalto wine glasses – They just feel — perfect.

Frasca Food & Wine – I love the food but it is the service that stands alone.

My family, friends and customers – I’m a lucky man!