A Beautiful Mess.

I often tell my A-type husband that someday he is going to miss tripping over those Hot Wheels left in hallway, or the loud noises coming from the toy room as our kids play super hero’s. Eventually, he cannot help but agree with me.

What makes a home isn’t necessarily the items in that home, but more importantly, the feeling you create within the walls.

As a child, my parents rarely spent money on cosmetic accents for our home. My mom, however, could bargain shop like nobody’s business. She found an original Knoll chair at the thrift store and only purchased it because she thought it was pretty.

In a way, we are all connected to each other by design, and to the past, through the objects in our home.

While I certainly did not grow up in a lavishly designed home, I grew up in a beautifully loving home. Yes, I love and respect all that involves home design. At the end of the day, what truly matters in our home is the joy and love that resides within.

The laundry can wait till tomorrow. I promise.

Kate Manz