Make Your Meal Pop With Homemade Pop Tarts 4

Processed breakfast food of the past, homemade pop tarts are a food trend you’ll need to get in line for. At a truck, that is.

Pop tarts are no longer the cardboard-stiff frosted breakfast food stuffed into a toaster as you run out the door every morning. Homemade pop tarts are a versatile food trend we can get on board with. Pick savory or sweet, it’s non-processed and delicious; and it’s a meal you’ll want to savor and come back for more any time of day.

Renee LaLonde is an expert in homemade pop tarts. She launched the beginnings of her food truck, Bakin’ Bakery, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

“It’s a sweet and savory rustic American approach on wheels,” LaLonde says.

Her most prominent inspiration to open a bakery was her grandmothers—master cake and pie bakers. She learned most of her baking techniques and recipes from them.

But the ingredient sourcing is what really separates Bakin’ Bakery from the competition. LaLonde’s motto is “Know what you’re eating,” and she makes every item to that standard. Sourcing all of her meat and the majority of her produce from local farmers, LaLonde offers the community an honest and wholesome meal—something her grandmothers would have made for the family.

Although the pop tart options change weekly and depend on what the farmers have to sell in season, LaLonde makes everything from vegetarian pop tarts with sage-infused goat cheese, toasted pecans and black garlic roasted butternut squash to meat pop tarts with homemade bacon jam, prosciutto and burrata with a balsamic reduction drizzle. Get in line, folks.

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