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Amy Ehmann is a graphic designer by trade, whose talented work can be seen all over She recently invited us into her home where we learn that her passion for design takes a new form through her newly remodeled kitchen. Take a seat and learn a thing or two from Amy’s tips on how she brought her modern farmhouse kitchen to life.

“I’m inspired by places and people around me. When I design a space I like to bring the outdoors in through wood of plant life. I always try to consider my husband and kids in a space – so I don’t go overly feminine and I make sure items are durable and comfortable for the kids.”

The Minimalist Kitchen

Whether you just moved into a new home or are inspiring to be an at-home chef, there are a few essentials for a starter kitchen. Don’t just run out to the store and buy every kitchen gadget in sight. Start with learning the basics to building an ideal kitchen for a home chef, and then you’re well on your way to food greatness.


1. Listen – it’s 2016 and finally time to get rid of that 13th edition Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook that’s been gathering dust on your shelf. Modernist Cuisine at Home shines a light on the science behind some of your favorite dishes along with the step-by-step recipes. I mean what’s really happening when you roast a chicken? And why are pressure cookers best for cooking soup?

Home cooks will discover the ins and outs about stocking a modern kitchen, the latest cooking techniques and modernist recipes (406 to be exact). This is a must-have for the at-home chef whether you’re a beginner or expert. With this scholarly advice you’re sure to become an expert in no time.



2. Arguably the number one essential to the starter kitchen is good soap. Technically any soap will do but with a local Colorado business like Canopy Skincare in your backyard it’s silly to not shop local. Their rose clay soap is organic and sustainably harvested and most importantly moisturizes. Your hands will thank you considering the dry winter air will do damage to those dish-doin’ digits. Made with olive oil and cleansing pink illite clay and a subtle combination of essential oils for a light herbal scent.



3. Getting to know Mother Nature’s delicious spices and utilizing them in the kitchen is what any good chef would do. Rosemary, sage, basil, thyme, parsley and oregano are just a few of the many spices budding chefs can use for recipes. The best part about spices is that it’s easy to start your own pure-seeded herb garden and keep your aesthetically pleasing plants by your kitchen window. A little words of wisdom, don’t waste your time on spices you won’t use.


4. It takes a little training to truly become a master in the kitchen. Let Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe be your guide from everything to Pork 101, Sausage 101, Knife Skills and of course how to become a stay-at-home butcher. Classes are held at LoHi and The Source Marketplace which is where Western Daughters calls home. Classes range from $50-$75 and are available throughout the year. To reserve a spot you have to call 303.477.MEAT and there’s a $25 non-refundable deposit. There’s always time for a little education.



5. Blade & Knoll is a small business right here in Denver who hand craft homemade goods. This one of a kind walnut cutting board will be made to order, smooth to the touch and perfect as a charcuterie platter, pastry plate or as an all-in-one cutting board. The interesting design is hand burned into the wood and the carved triangle handle on the top is perfect for displaying this functional piece of art. Every culinary master knows that the cutting board is used constantly for whipping up meals, so why not enjoy looking at it.