Sweet Talk

Cakes Inspired by Modern Art

Modern Art Desserts: From Rothko Cake to a Warhol dessert, artist and baker Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design can turn flour, butter and sugar into edible masterpieces that taste as good as they look. This Sweet Talk feature was based on iconic pieces of modern art, but really – as we found out, anything is a source of inspiration and can be turned into something sweet.

Art-lovers, fashion fiends and foodies are delighted with the modern vision of Rachel’s cake art that originally began as a creative outlet from her day job. Now, Intricate Icings Cake Design has been recognized as one of the top bakeries in the country. Even according to the queen bee of craft cooking – Martha Stewart Weddings – who listed Rachael as one of the top pastry pros in the country, and Brides Magazine featured Intricate Icings in their “Top 100 Bakeries.” That’s just two of many media coverage that Rachael has received since 2006 when her bakery first opened its doors.

Now Rachael focuses solely on custom cake designs and has turned a natural talent and passion into her livelihood.

“Growing up I baked with my grandmother and mother quite a bit, so I’ve always had a love for being in the kitchen,” say Rachael. “It was a place to make memories and enjoy my time with family. I also had a father that encouraged the arts. Sticking a paintbrush or crayon in my hand any chance he got. As a young girl, I quickly developed a creative side and melded that together with my love for baking.”

I guess you can have your cake and eat it too.