If you know, 
you just know.

I grew up in the flatlands of the Midwest, so Colorado ski trips were always a highlight for me. While I loved my hometown of Kansas City (Go Royals), the last few days of the vacation were always tough because I was never ready to leave Colorado.

Upon college graduation, one of my best friends, Scott, immediately packed his Ford Bronco and bolted for Vail. Knowing my parents would not be quite as stoked about this idea as I was, I did what a good college grad should do and took a low-paying, chew ’em up, spit ’em out, entry-level, corporate job. Scott would often call me as his night was winding down, and my morning commute was starting.

Needless to say, my tenure in the healthcare staffing industry was a short one. That February, I informed my folks that I was heading to the mountains to get some skiing in and visit my old pal Scott. I withheld a few details. I was going to Vail, and I was not coming back until the lifts stopped turning in April.

My first stop in town was the Vail Resorts employment office. There was no way I was going to fill my parents in on my extended spring break until I had a job. By this mid-way point in the ski season, there were enough lift operators who had flaked out and I was hired. Those three months turned into three years. I can still remember turn by turn some of my most memorable powder days. If you know, you just know. There isn’t anything like it.

Here in Cherry Creek, we see a wide array of winter sports enthusiasts–from casual snowshoe hikers to Winter Olympic medal winners. No, not everyone in Colorado is a winter sports nut, but many of you are. This issue is for you!