Gymboree 6

Jump Start Your Child’s Learning Experiences

Music classes that accept 6 month olds. Art classes that take 18 month olds. It almost sounds too good to be true, considering kindergarten has us waiting until our child is 4 or 5 years old to begin immersing them in fun social and learning practices. If you’re an extraordinary parent that wants your little one to develop their social and learning capabilities sooner rather than later, it’s good to know that Gymboree helps parents do just that.

Located at 5046 E Hampden Ave in Denver, Gymboree offers lessons for children in music and play (6 mos – 5 yrs), art (18 mos – 5 yrs), and sports (3-5 yrs). Their “play and learn” classes are divided into seven levels based on age, and inspire sensory and problem-solving development. “School skills” courses for toddlers 3-5 yrs are also offered, in which your little one can prepare for the social, emotional and intellectual abilities they will need for entrance into pre-school or kindergarten.

“Our school skills classes help toddlers and pre-schoolers with the drop-off transition,” says Salima Dadani, owner of Denver’s Gymboree. “Most of our children move on to school without separation anxiety and lots of intellectual independence. They have learned to listen to other adults, learned social skills that help them interact with their peers, like taking turns and socializing.”

All classes focus on the individual child’s psychological and physical development needs, as well as their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Class sizes depend on monthly enrollment, with 18 being the limit for play and learn classes and 10 in music, art and sports. Drop-off classes have a 1:5 faculty member/child ratio, however only one teacher is available for all other classes, since the parents are required to assist their child. Why you may ask? Well, there’s a pretty good reason why.

“Most of our classes require parent participation. Having parents, grandparents or guardians in class helps kids gain confidence in their learning abilities and remain comfortable in their learning environments. When parents and kids visit, we ask that parents stay within an arm’s reach of their child as some of the equipment is challenging. Parents participation is so helpful because it helps you, the parent, interact with your child, while helping them be imaginative and confident in their play.”

With membership at Gymboree, your child will receive two free classes at any other Gymboree location, unlimited play gyms, and coupons/Gymbucks to Gymboree clothing stores. Most importantly, they’ll be exposed to other kiddies their age and be given the gift of early social, physical and psychological development that will steer them in the right direction for a healthy and happy education.

“Our school skills class helps toddlers with the drop-off transition,” says Salima Dadani, owner of Denver’s Gymboree. “Most of our children move on to school without separation anxiety. They have learned to listen to another individual other than parents and grandparents, they have learned to socialize with other children, take turns and follow instructions.”