dave lehl's picks 3


Who: Dave Lehl

What: Professional Snow 
Sports Photographer

Where: The Outdoorsy Mecca of Denver


1. Kennedy Sunglasses in Tortoise shell by Boulder’s Zeal Optics – I tend to lose sunglasses on a weekly basis which means I’ve gone through way more shades that the average bear. These are without a doubt the best I’be come across. I keep coming back again and again.

2. Kushiro Leather Jacket by Allsaints – I bought this bad boy back in June when it was too hot to don, so now that it’s “leather weather,” you’d better believe that I’m wearing it every chance I get!

3. Parallax Photo Pack by Golden’s Mountainsmith – This is the first photo backpack that I’ve actually had so much room that I’m left wondering what else I can bring along. Incredibly rugged, comfortable and doesn’t look ridiculous with tons of unnecessary bells and whistles.

4. 2016 Capita Black Snowboard of Death – My all time favorite do-it-all snowboard. Absolutely dominates any terrain.

5. Silver and turquoise “Nevada” ring by Denver’s Union Studio Metals – Don’t be afraid to run some epic hardware, boys. This local jeweler will make sure that the right ladies take notice. Or if you’re taken and wondering what to get your gal, trust me, she wants one too.

6. Leather motorcycle gloves by Breckenridge’s Abel Brown – Hands down (bad pun intended) the best motorcycle gloves in the summer, but supple and substantial enough to operate my camera with in the winter.

7. Tracker Avalanche Transceiver by Boulder’s BCA – The one piece of equipment I hope I never have to use.  DO NOT think about venturing into the backcountry without one!

8.  Custom leather portfolio satchel by Denver’s Alpine Modern – Because you only have one chance to make a great first impression with a new client.