The Future of Cars is the i3 2

With the rise of energy efficient homes, environmentally conscious clothing, and organically made food, it is no wonder that car companies are adhering to this trend as well. BMW has been on the forefront of producing environmentally-friendly sports cars that maintain their sleek appearance, while also preserving the integrity of the BMW trademark. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful hybrids have a price tag that is impractical for the majority of car owners, but BMW has finally created a cost effective hybrid that appeals to the everyday driver- the i3.

The BMW i3 looks different from most cars. At first glance, it’s futuristic façade and interior depict an abnormality that may not be appealing to most people, however the i3 takes pride in its physical differences, boasting modernity, intelligence and boldness with its full carbon fiber cabin and aluminum frame. The i3 is relatively tall and spacious for an electric car with minimal blind spots and maximal space for passengers and luggage. The inside of the i3 is just as aesthetically distinctive with 90 percent being comprised of recycled materials, which includes a bamboo interior trim as well as revolutionary-looking dials. The car’s interior is compounded by two computer screens, while the familiar iDrive system sits between the two front seats and controls the main screen. With iDrive, the driver can quickly scroll, draw, type and speak in order to find a destination or to control other features within the car.

While the unique appearance of the i3 will initially captivate you, it is the environmentally friendly features that will keep you enticed. While most electric cars have one large battery, the i3 has individual ones, which reduces the weight of the car significantly. The individual batteries of the car are located in the center creating a nearly perfect 50/50 weight balance. This practically perfect weight distribution allows the car to handle effortlessly with a very impressive turn radius and a speed that is unmatched by all other electric cars. Weighing in at only 2,800 pounds, the i3 proves to be the fastest and most nimble of full electric cars being sold, allowing it to speed from 0 to 30 mph quicker than even an M3.

The i3 is a prime example of the age old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” While the exterior may not appeal to everyone, its speed, swiftness, silence and ability to transport four adults plus luggage comfortably make it a sensible yet alluring option for drivers looking to go green.