High Tea 2

Teakoe Takes Over Colorado

The start of Teakoe Tea is something you may find in a 1980s movie starring Matthew Broderick. The premise? A former professional lacrosse player who used to mix and create his own tea concoctions for him and his team. The plot thickens when they’re all huddled in a locker room raving about the energy they have after drinking the tea and then, BOOM. Matthew Broderick’s character just goes out and starts his business at farmers markets and it just takes off from there.

Just replace Matthew Broderick with Pete Jokisch, owner of Teakoe Tea Supply Company, and our Hollywood film comes to life. Pete found a passion for tea during his days with the Colorado Mammoth to help with his energy and the all-encompassing health benefits that come with drinking it.

“Guys on the team enjoyed the blends and thought I should start selling them at local farmers markets. Just a few months later I launched Teakoe at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market—and the journey began,” says Pete.

Now you can find the small batch from scratch teas across Colorado in some of your favorite eateries, grocery stores and coffee shops from Wynkoop Brewing Company to the Brown Palace Hotel.

“Being in Colorado has been instrumental,” says Pete, “Because we have so many entrepreneurial businesses and individuals supporting our efforts.”

So how does the tea make it to the bag and then to your cup? They start by purchasing bulk ingredients such as teas, herbs and spices from a number of specialty importers, then blend the ingredients together based on their proprietary recipes, creating fun and unique teas.

“Tea for the longest time has been seen as a very traditional beverage,” says Pete. “Early on it was a challenge getting people past that perception, but as we continued to grow, we saw customers really gravitate towards our craft teas and overall brand appeal.”

Now that fall is upon us and the leaves begin to change, UGG boots are seen across college campuses and the ski industry gears up for an El Niño season, it’s time to get real with your tea cups. Every fall and winter, Teakoe starts focusing more on their Trailhead Chai collection, which is geared more for the cold weather and enjoyed most while out exploring our fantastic state. If you’re more of an iced tea person whether in snow or on a beach, you’ll love their seasonal iced tea, the Slopeside Spiced Plum.

You can purchase Teakoe from their website with most ranging from $6-$10 per pack. Or you can use their site to find a restaurant or retailer near you. Visit Teakoe.com for more details.

Now excuse us as we go watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and sip back on some Teakoe in our Halloween pajamas.