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Local, Handmade, Delicious

There have been many changes of the American lifestyle since the 1920s. Although at Hammond’s Candy factory, many things, including the recipes and machinery, have survived the passage of time. For more than 90 years, Denver has been home to Hammond’s Candies, first founded in 1920 by Carl T. Hammond.

“Denver is a great place to make candy, especially hard candies because of the dry climate. We are also able to get most of our ingredients locally which is a big advantage,” says Sales and Marketing Coordinator Anna Abromovich.

As Abromovich showed us around the factory, I had no idea that when they say their candy is made by hand, they really mean it. At Hammond’s, each marshmallow is meticulously placed for their famous Mitchell Sweets, dollops of hard candy are stretched and molded into colorful lollipops, and lines of peanut brittle are decorated with chocolate by a flick of the hand. Long story short, every step of the candy production process is done by hand.

“Hammond’s is the largest handmade-candy manufacturer in the country. There are very few candy companies that are still making any by hand. It is a lot easier to create millions of candy canes from a machine, but they will not have the look of handmade candy,” says Abromovich.

Or the same delicious taste for that matter.

Today Hammond’s continues to make their famous lollipops, ribbon candies, and its best-known product: oversized candy canes.

“I have heard many people talk about Hammond’s Candy Canes being a tradition in their family for multiple generations,” says Abromovich.

Although throughout the years Hammond’s has also expanded its offerings to include a variety of chocolates, taffy, caramel corn and cotton candy. All made in-house and anyone can stop by for a free tour to see how it’s all made. Making it a perfect outing for kids.

“Hammond’s will never switch to machine-made candy, that is what sets us apart and makes us special,” says Abromovich. “I think it is important for us to keep our methods the same, as this is what people know and look for from us.”With the rise of energy efficient homes, environmentally conscious clothing, and organically made food, it is no wonder that car companies are adhering to this trend as well. BMW has been on the forefront of producing environmentally-friendly sports cars that maintain their sleek appearance, while also preserving the integrity of the BMW trademark. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful hybrids have a price tag that is impractical for the majority of car owners, but BMW has finally created a cost effective hybrid that appeals to the everyday driver- the i3.

“Hammond’s will never switch to machine-made candy, that is what sets us apart and makes us special,” says Abromovich.

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5735 N. Washington Street