September 2015 Editor's Letter

As summer days of Slip and Slides and Popsicles are now relegated to weekend activities, we look to one last holiday to close out the summer. For our family, September in Colorado is a memorable time. Last week marked the three-year anniversary of our relocation from Kansas City. Aside from missing our family,the decision to head west was relatively easy. Selling our house and two businesses while being pregnant with our third child was not quite as easy, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

There are many things to love about Colorado in September. As the warm summer nights give way to crisp fall temperatures, the transition in wardrobes has always been enjoyable for me. This issue was truly a community endeavor. Where else can you round up an Aston Martin and a $60,000,000 jet for a photo shoot in less than 24 hours? We are so thankful for everyone who pitched in their time and resources.

Thank you for reading. Make it a great month!

Kate Manz, Managing Editor