Red Rocks Workout


Lacey Spruce

Outfit: Mariella Tank and Freya Flow Wrap from Mika Yoga Wear (, Zella printed “live-in” leggings from Nordstrom

Red Rocks is one of my favorite places to work out. Not only are the stairs killer, but you’ve got a gorgeous view to look at while you sweat it out! This 20-minute circuit is great when you combine with running up the stairs at Red Rocks for the perfect combination of strength training and cardio.

1. Walking Push-Ups: Start in a push up position with hands on the upper stair and feet on the bottom. Do one push up, then at the top take a step out with your arms and legs, then do another push up. Do 10 to the left and 10 to the right.

2. Step-Down Squats With Side Leg Lift: Facing sideways on the edge of the stair, take a step down with the outside leg coming into a squat position. Use the standing leg to lift yourself back up and then lift the outside leg using your outer thigh. Do 15 on each side.

3. Tricep Dips: Face the stage with your hands on the edge of the stair. Walk your legs out straight. Bend your arms to lower yourself down, then squeeze your triceps to press back up. For more of a challenge, try alternating lifting your legs with each dip. Do 15 reps total.

4. Step Ups: Facing the stairs, take a step up with one leg, bringing the other leg in toward your chest (use your abs!). Step back down and repeat on the other side. Do 24 total. (12 on each side.)

Repeat this circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes. For an added challenge, run up the stairs, do the circuit, then run down the stairs and do the circuit. Your body will thank you!

A little bit about the outfit:

Mika Yoga Wear has quickly become one of my go-to’s for cute workout wear. Their fabrics are so comfortable, flattering, and come in so many bright colors and prints. Designed for movement, they never lose their shape, and are functional for everything from running to yoga to circuit training and beyond. Zella, Nordstrom’s in house activewear brand, is another one of my favorites. They always offer trendier styles and the live-in leggings are so comfortable that you truly do want to live in them! Mixing in fun prints with basics is a great way to look forward to working out because, let’s face it: having good workout gear will make you want to show it off!