WHO// Liz Finkelstein
WHAT// Fashion and
Interior Stylist
WHERE// Mile High Style //

When I first spoke with the editors about ideas for this feature, I figured I’d be styling a local home, taking it from good to great. This was before I saw the photos of the Harriman family’s Metro home. Quite clearly, the owners of this 2003 A Frame home didn’t need my help. They have a distinct style identity and present it in just the right way, including:
1. Balancing of bold design choices with neutral elements.
2. Incorporating their personal identities into the decor.
3. Combining different styles into an eclectic yet cohesive presentation.
4. Bringing an editing eye into each room so that it all works.
This feature discusses some of what they did so well, and how you can apply it to your own home.

BIG STYLE: The painted stair risers add a fun and modern contrast with the traditional bannister and entry.
BABY STEPS: Painting the stairs or the bannister a high gloss black adds drama and elegance.

BIG STYLE: Pairing the traditional furnishings (matching table and chairs, breakfront) with bold walls and crisp white trim keeps this formal room fun and young.
BABY STEPS: Keep walls neutral and paint the picture rail a daring shade.

BIG STYLE: The dark navy blue of the chairs is a fresh and modern neutral that goes with everything while remaining a slightly unexpected choice.
BABY STEPS: Incorporate new colors into easy-to-replace accessories like pillows.

BIG STYLE: Create your own unique art display, as they did using musical instruments.
BABY STEPS: Materials can be anything interesting or special to you and your family: vinyl records, textiles, mirrors, branches and other ‘found’ objects, decals, empty picture frames, etc.

BIG STYLE: This is the room that deserves a big, bold color that always contrasts beautifully with white porcelain.
BABY STEPS: Choosing an untraditional mirror adds huge style, and art helps make the room look unique. Don’t take shortcuts simply because it’s a bathroom.

BIG STYLE: Arranging your bookcase into a stylish display containing numerous shelfscapes is, for a modern home office, a non-negotiable.
BABY STEPS: No baby stepping for this look. You can do it!

BIG STYLE: A tablescape is how items (books, candles, flowers, boxes, coasters, etc.) are artfully arranged on a table, and it’s so important to finishing off a room’s look.
BABY STEPS: Tablescapes can take some real practice to get just right, so start small with a beautiful candle atop your favorite coffee table book on one side of the table, an orchid on the other.