Sloan Solomon & Mike

Italy is undeniably known as one of the most romantic places in the world. So it’s no surprise when a love story begins with, we met the day we arrived in Italy. This is how Sloan Solomon and Mike Komadina’s love story begins: in Perugia, Italy, while studying abroad.

Mike and Sloan both attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. Sloan’s friend knew Mike would be venturing to Italy as well, and wanted the two to have a familiar face while in a foreign home. However, the future lovebirds never met before their departure.

“Since there were about five other Mike’s in our program, I wasn’t sure if he was the Mike my friend had told me about. Once he heard my name he goes, ‘So you’re Sloan!’ There was something about his smile, eyes and the way he looked at me. I got butterflies. At that moment our magical love story began,” says Solomon.

Jump to four years later when the couple had planned a weekend getaway to Beaver Creek for their anniversary. Solomon was pleasantly surprised with a heartfelt, and snowy proposal under a romantic spotlight.

“He caught me completely off guard as he had been telling me he was not going to pop the question until I completed grad school. So, I literally had no idea,” says Solomon.

LAST NAME’s surprises didn’t stop with just the proposal. Upon returning to Denver the next day, he organized a surprise engagement party and flew in Solomon’s closest friends and family.

After their engagement party, it was time to start the wedding planning. When choosing their venue, they knew that Blanc would be perfect fit for their big day. Blanc is an urban venue right in downtown Denver that has both an indoor and outdoor space. Truly the best of both worlds.

“We also loved the industrial and rustic like feel of the venue,” says Solomon.

Their wedding space had neutral colors, aspects of fall and enough space for their wedding party to dance all night and enjoy themselves.

“Mike and I both wanted our wedding to be a fun party to celebrate our marriage. That said our biggest hope was that people would dance all night and enjoy themselves. Additionally, we wanted to make sure we had time to enjoy ourselves,” says Solomon.

Their hopes came true and their wedding was an unforgettable time.

“We had people raving about our wedding and telling us how beautiful and fun it was, which was definitely special,” says Solomon.

Sloan and Mike both agreed that the most memorable moment of their wedding was watching each other walk down the aisle, and sharing their personalized vows.

After their vows, they incorporated some Jewish traditions into their ceremony that they felt were meaningful.

“Mike was raised Catholic and I was raised Jewish, however we do not consider ourselves extremely religious. We did the hoopla and breaking of the glass, which we felt were special to who we are and what we want our marriage to represent,” says Solomon.

After their beautiful wedding the couple decided to wait until their anniversary month of January to celebrate their honeymoon. They escaped the cold and enjoyed some sun and relaxation in the Bahamas.

“I have to say I feel like everything was perfect, and it was a dream come true,” says Solomon.